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This is amazing value guys!!!

Contents are worth over £50!!


Going for Gold Adhesive our best seller for volume and more advanced lash techs. Cures in 0.5 seconds too. Comes with a keep me fresh pack and pin for the nozzle. As it’s super fast setting it can sometimes set in the nozzle.  Allows you to do your sets much quicker too!!

Retention 7 weeks+


“No more tears” sensitive adhesive is literally fume free so great for beginners or those clients with sensitive eyes.  Comes with its own fresh pack too.

Retention 3-4 weeks


“Clear skies” adhesive has no pigment and sets in 1 second. Great for those with allergies to carbon too. Comes with its own fresh pack too.

Retention 5-6 weeks

Disposable Adhesive trays – these little beauties will save you adhesive massively!! One tear drop per set! Your glue will not cure like it would on jade stones or stickers so maximise profits and save your adhesive guys!!

Win win win you’ll receive a scratch card too and of course like with every order our yummy HG chocolate.


£52.85 Regular Price
£42.28Sale Price
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